Regional Parents Committee

The English Montreal School Board has two regional parents’ committees and a central parents’ committee.

As stipulated in section 189 of the Education Act, each school board must establish a parents’ committee. If a school board divides its territory into administrative regions, it may establish regional committees and a central parents committee (EA, s. 191)

What do the regional parents’ committees do?

The members of the regional committees represent the parents whose children attend schools in their region.

Among other obligations, the regional committees must:

  • elect a chairperson according to the process outlined in Section 190 of the
       Education Act.
  • identify the regional delegates who will compose the Central Parents’ Committee.
       (EA, s. 191)

  • The functions of the regional committees include:

  • promoting the parents’ participation in the activities of the school board
  • giving advice on any subject conducive to the most efficient operation of a region
  • promoting adequate dialogue with the parents on the governing boards and parent  participation organizations in order to facilitate the proper functioning of these two  groups
  • informing the school board of the needs of parents as identified by the school representatives
  • responding to School Board consultations on matters stipulated in Section 193 of the Education Act and others that the School Board may submit to them

  • How are members elected to the regional parents’ committees?

    Every year, in September, each school holds a general assembly of parents to elect representatives to the governing board. From among the parent representatives elected, the general assembly elects a parent representative to the regional parents’ committee.  They may also elect an alternate to attend and vote at regional meetings when the representative elected is unable to do so. The term of office is one year.

    Who are the members of the regional parents’ committees for the 2016-2017 school year?
    The members of the Region Parents’ Committee East:

    Carmie Lato, Chair

    John F. Kennedy

    Benny Berneti, Vice-Chair

    Lester B. Pearson 

    Francesco Fortugno, Treasurer

    John Paul I

    Giovanni Goffredo, Secretary


    Todd Roberts

    Vincent Massey

    Cynthia Dudley

    John Grant

    Alex Quiterio


    Patty Smyth


    Alba Fiorino


    John Carosello

    East Hill

    Laura Saragosa

    Edward Murphy

    Alyssa Kuzmarov


    Jason Trudeau

    General Vanier

    Franco Mazzariello

    Gerald McShane

    Joseph Di Liello


    Sonia Pecora

    John Caboto

    Mario Bentrovato

    Laurier Macdonald

    Tony Speranza

    Leonardo da Vinci

    Joanne Charron

    Mackay Centre

    Pietro Mercuri


    Antoine Fecteau


    Carlo Peruch


    Anthony Cristofaro

    Our Lady of Pompei

    Ann Gagnon

    Philip E. Layton

    Stephen Hudon

    Pierre de Coubertin

    Marie-Helene Bedard

    Pierre Elliott Trudeau

    Richard Berger


    Jahangir Kabir

    Sinclair Laird

    Milan Cardone

    St. Dorothy

    Kelly De Pooter

    St. Raphael

    The members of the Region Parents’ Committee West:

    Norm Gharibian, Chair

    Royal West 

    Joseph Bondi, Vice Chair

    Dunrae Gardens

    Suzanne de Jonge, Treasurer


    Sophie Antippa, Secretary

    Westmount Park

    Serena Capplette


    Raymond Ayas


    Hannu Jailos


    Erin Matheson


    March Laforest

    Elizabeth Ballantyne

    Daniel Tatone


    Felipe Morales


    Karen Abecassis

    James Lyng 

    Adriano Miele


    Sherilyn Figueira


    Stacey Kaufman




    Michelle Grigat


    Mark Ellenbogen

    Royal Vale

    Mubeenah Mughal

    St. Gabriel

    Andrew Ross

    St. Monica

    George Szatmay