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Perspectives I

7770 20th Avenue
Montreal H2A 2K9

Principal: Craig Olenik
Phone Number: 798-2136
Fax Number: 798-2222
Web Address:

Perspectives I is accessible via:
St. Michel metro and bus 141
Pie IX metro and bus 139
Jean-Talon metro and bus 99

Our school offers students a nurturing and safe environment in which to have a second chance to get a first class education, and to become good citizens. We attempt to meet our studentsí needs by teaching them at their level, providing them with successful academic opportunities, and enhancing their self-esteem. We also focus on the personal development of our students and encourage them to care about themselves and each other.

The Program
Teachers at Perspectives I offer courses as outlined by the Ministry of Education for Secondary I, II, and III, modified where necessary to allow students to achieve academic success. We employ different strategies to help students acquire the necessary skills to re-integrate into regular classes. We place an emphasis on student literacy and math, offering remediation where necessary. An important aspect of the program is the ongoing communication between the staff and our students' families, so that there can be a partnership between school and home.

Application Procedure
Students must be between 13 and 16 years of age. A principal or guidance counsellor must complete a referral package from the student's secondary school. An in-depth interview is required involving the student, a parent, and the Perspectives I staff. These interviews take place in June and/or August, prior to the beginning of a new school year. Arrangements for the interview should be made by calling the school.

Every student wants to be successful, to be understood and accepted, to belong. Because of the small size of our school, we are able to offer our students a personalized and individual approach. We help our students to take ownership of their learning and behaviour, in order to be responsible for their school success.

Our approach at Perspectives I is to find ways to encourage all our students by offering varied opportunities for them to shine. We all need to taste success in order to want to work hard.

Perspectives I is a great place for students who want to experience high school... From a different perspective.