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Perspectives II

7770 20th Avenue
Montreal H2A 2K9

Principal: Craig Olenik
Phone Number: 798-2136
Fax Number: 798-2222
Web Address:

Perspectives II is accessible via:
St. Michel metro and bus 141
Pie IX metro and bus 139
Jean-Talon metro and bus 99

The school offers a nurturing, safe and non-intimidating learning environment in order to foster individual academic success and to help students acquire appropriate social and behavioral skills. The academic approach is designed to help individuals attain academic success, increase self-esteem, achieve self-motivation, independence and self-reliance in learning. It is designed to provide a structured, stimulating, supportive and student-centered environment to optimize student learning potential in a small group setting. The program deals with the individual needs and personal development of the student as well as their academic and social needs.

Perspectives II offers courses outlined by the Ministry of Education for Secondary IV and V. Focus is concentrated on literacy, remediation, and different strategies for reintegration into regular classes. All students have an individual education plan (IEP) and there is ongoing communication with the family.

Application Procedure
Students must be between 15 and 17 years of age. A principal or guidance counselor must complete a referral package from the studentís secondary school. An in-depth interview is required involving the student, a parent, and the school staff. Interviews take place prior to the new school year in June and in August. Applications for an interview should be made by calling the school and arranging an interview.

Formed at the start of the 2003-2004 academic year, Perspectives II is a 'new kid on the block', an Outreach school dedicated to helping east-end EMSB students adapt to an academic environment after experiencing difficulties in a regular high school.

Perspectives II offers classes in secondary IV and V leading to a high school leaving diploma (DES), but is also exploring a new initiative - a special collaboration with the work ("Volet 2") program that enables students to explore the work world while continuing their studies.

Perspectives II focuses on enabling students to take charge of their learning by accepting responsibility for their actions, planning their career choices, and working within smaller groups. Emphasis is placed on raising self-esteem, improving grades, and developing strategies for success in the immediate and distant futures.