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1741 De Biencourt Street
Montreal H4E 1T4

Principal: Craig Olenik
Phone Number: 514-769-5282
Fax Number: 514-769-7524
Web Address:

Options II is located a few blocks from the Jolicoeur metro station in Montreal.

The school is designed to help students in Secondary IV and V graduate. Pupils at Options II are between 15 and 18 years of age. For various reasons, they have been unable to reach their full potential in regular high schools. These students are academically capable and highly motivated to complete high school.

The Program
Options II fulfills the requirements of the Régime pédagogique. Full year courses at Secondary IV and V levels include English, French, advanced and regular Math, History, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Drama, MRE, Economics, Physical Science, Art, Physical Education, Media/Communications and Life Skills. Students are prepared for entry to any CEGEP. The program is highly structured with teacher/student advocacy sessions, extra tutorials and strict rules.

Application Procedures
Students must call (514) 769-5282 to be interviewed by a team of teachers prior to acceptance.

Options II came into existence in 1982 to serve the needs of students who aim to graduate high school. Although it is one of the larger Outreach schools, its atmosphere remains as warm and caring as the smallest.

The environment is very academically oriented, with structured rules and expectations. The teaching staff is honest and makes it clear that they are strict with students because they care. Students abide by a contract system, focusing on homework, behaviour and attendance. They are each reviewed weekly by the teachers through an advocacy system. As a result, the pupils are seen as individuals by the small and diverse teaching staff.

The school provides a safe, intercultural environment that promotes cross-cultural sensitivity, mutual respect and good citizenship.

Teachers offer help, motivation and inspiration. It has been said that if students knew everything, they wouldn't have to go to school. Consequently, the staff provides tutoring outside of school hours and whenever students need help. The program is a mix of traditional and cooperative learning that encourages everyone to succeed. The teachers like to refer to Options II as a place of academic therapy.