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4850 Coronation Avenue
Montreal H4V 2E2

Principal: Craig Olenik
Phone Number: 514-933-7488
Fax Number: 514-481-0523
Web Address:

Outreach High School is located near the western end of Somerled avenue and is accessible via the Vendôme metro and bus 102 or Snowdon metro and bus 51.

The school caters to the needs of high school students who would normally be working at the Sec. IV or V levels. From experience, the Outreach staff finds that the student who does well is motivated to work in an academic program without too many restrictive rules and regulations. Individual problems are dealt with by members of the staff, as they arise. It is hoped that students will develop a sense of belonging and respond positively.

The Program
The following courses are offered: English IV and V, French IV and V, Math IV and V, History 44, Physical Science 416, Economics 54, Art 44 or 54, Computers 44 and 54 (includes keyboard skills, business software and report typing). Instruction in Career Education and Life Skills are given informally throughout the academic year. Classes are small and informal and, as much as possible, programs are individualized to meet the needs of the particular pupils. Students are evaluated five times during the year (two progress reports and three formal reports).

Application Procedures
Applications can be made by calling 933-7488. This includes an interview with staff members prior to registration.

Outreach High School was originally established in 1979 to help students who had dropped out to graduate with a high school diploma. Like all the Outreach schools, its purpose evolved over the years. While the ultimate goal of graduation is the same, it is now geared toward helping students succeed academically through a steady diet of attention, respect and motivation.

The teachers at Outreach are less concerned with discipline than with success. There is no contract system and few rules and regulations. With a small number of students and teachers, the school is divided into three groups. Each student receives one-on-one attention. They also have the comfort of knowing the teacher knows them and their strengths and weaknesses.

Despite the relaxed atmosphere, teachers have certain expectations of students, which are based on punctuality, attendance and performance. It is expected that students must hand work in on time and maintain a positive attitude.

The human interaction and family atmosphere at Outreach help to build self-confidence and self-respect. The teachers assume that students have the capacity to succeed. They are there to help students reach their goal of graduating high school. So while students may have come to Outreach with academic, social and/or behavioural problems, they leave better people.