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1741 De Biencourt Street
Montreal H4E 1T4

Principal: Craig Olenik
Phone Number: 514-768-1398
Fax Number: 514-768-7877
Web Address:

Venture High School is located a few blocks away from the Jolicoeur metro station in Montreal.

Venture High School, "where respect is rule one", has at its core a structured, academic approach designed to help individuals who are working at theSecondary I, II or III levels. The aim is to create a harmonious team consisting of teachers, students, parents/guardians, social workers and significant others working together to:

  • Help students increase self-esteem, self-motivation and foster independence and self-reliance in learning.
  • Provide a structured, stimulating, supportive, student-centered environment designed to optimize student learning potential.
  • Provide the appropriate academic assistance.
  • It is hoped that students may re-enter a regular high school, advance within the Alternative High School system, be better prepared to enter the working world, feel better about their individual learning styles and abilities and choose to remain in school rather than dropping out.

    The Program
    Students follow courses as outlined by the Ministry of Education. Tutorials are incorporated into the program. There is also an opportunity to take part in a computer Literacy and Math program, called Autoskill This program is designed to create automaticity in skills that some students have missed somewhere along the way. Learning increments are kept short, success oriented, and achievable. Much time is spent in practice, with the teacher circulating to make sure that everyone understands. In this way, a lot of the assigned work can be accomplished in the presence of the staff, where instant feedback is available for the students. Furthermore, pupils are encouraged to work together, discuss assignments and help each other succeed. Evaluation is based upon educational success, regular attendance and student perseverance.

    Application Procedures
    Students must be between the ages of 13 and 17 and eligible for instruction in Secondary I, II and III. It must be noted that students do not come to Venture from Grade 6. They must first attend, and have difficulties in a regular high school setting. Acceptance is based upon an in-depth interview with the student and parent or guardian. At this time, the suitability of the student for this program will be assessed. Interviews take place prior to the new school year in June and August. Applications for an interview should be made by calling 768-1398.

    Venture High School was established in the early 1990's to meet the growing demand for Outreach schools. It has since expanded and evolved to adapt its own unique philosophies and teaching styles.

    Venture has a small staff, which means the teachers get to know the students and their families very well. Communication between the school and home are very important to the teachers at Venture. Home phone calls are made often by staff to keep parents updated on student progress.

    Teachers at Venture see themselves as coaches rather than judges, not merely judging the quality of a student's work, but coaching them into learning and improving. It is a system which works well for the students, who need the support and reinforcement.

    Students are rewarded for punctuality, attendance, effort and behaviour with Student of the Week awards. All students are eligible - only those who do not make an effort lose the award.

    Within the small, student-centered environment of Venture, there is plenty of room for pupils to grow and improve themselves as students and people.