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600 Dublin Street
Montreal H3K 2S4

Principal: Craig Olenik
Phone Number: 514-482-6964
Fax Number: 514-482-6101

Vezina is accessible via the Charlevoix Métro station and the No. 57 bus or the De l'Église Métro station and the No. 61 bus. It is located on the third floor of St. Gabriel Elementary School. The entrance is on the west side of the building.

In order to master the work and study habits essential for success at school, on the job and in life, students need a healthy self-image and a positive atmosphere in which to flourish. At Vezina, the focus is to achieve a balance between academic progress and the physical, social and affective well-being of the students.

The Program
Any pupil aged 13 to 17 having difficulties in his/her regular high school can apply. The school offers the Ministry courses for Secondary I, II and III levels. Each element of the program is developed according to the individual needs of the students. Self evaluation is part of the academic and life skills program. The program is supplemented through trips, projects and guest speakers.

Application Procedures
All students who apply are evaluated individually, whether they are recommended by a high school, family or a social agency. At first contact by phone, the student receives a list of required documentation and an interview time is set. At the intensive interview, the student meets the entire staff. They make an assessment to see if Vezina is a suitable placement. For clarification, further information and/or to arrange an interview, please call (514) 482-6964.

From the moment teachers at Vezina first meet a new student, they're trying to make a difference in that person's life. This down-to-earth staff provides its students with a warm, safe, family atmosphere within an academic setting. It's a place where students know that teachers care about them and they are being helped.

At Vezina, each student is an individual with distinctive needs. That's why personal development is a key part of the program. While academic success is a priority, teachers also emphasize the importance of social and interpersonal skills. Furthermore, they give the students an opportunity to explore new experiences through outings, activities and an involvement in the community.

It is also felt that self-esteem is an important step to personal success. Students are recognized for improvement of every kind: academic, athletic, behavioural, attendance and more. Every week, a deserving individual earns the "Student of the Week" award.

People can feel good about themselves at Vezina. When everyone knows each other, problems are dealt with immediately, and teachers are looking out for the students' best interests. This is a winning combination.