Director's Message

The Educational and Technology Services department is comprised of a team of education leaders, motivators and facilitators. Our team provides pedagogical and technological support to teachers at the English Montreal School Board. They actively work to develop and deliver innovative approaches to teachers, to help them engage their students so that they can achieve their greatest success.

We provide one-on-one educational consultation, interactive workshops in schools, access to best practices and emerging resources, and Board-wide professional development. Our activities include general and discipline-specific approaches. All of our professionals are highly adaptable and responsive to the diverse populations and communities that makeup the unique fabric of the English Montreal School Board’s student body and school system. This ensures that the educational and technical services we offer are tailored to the needs of our students and teachers, and is a cornerstone of our professional success.

We are active contributors to the English Montreal School Board’s teaching and learning support network. And together, our efforts have impact. For the second year in a row, the English Montreal School Board has achieved the highest graduation rate in the province. While the rest of the province has a graduation rate of 77.7%, the English Montreal School Board comes in at 87.9%. Our school Board is making a difference in the lives of students who are graduating, meeting their goals and pursuing their dreams.

As we move forward this year, I am certain we will manage to exceed expectations and continue to raise the bar for education success.

Our Departmental Mission

To inspire lifelong learning, invigorate pedagogy, create supportive communities and accompany all educators as collaborative partners through professional development with a view to ensure a successful learning experience for all students.


Our Vision

At the forefront of pedagogy, ETS is a connected educational community that engages and bolsters student learning through 21st century skills and creative expression.  In partnership with other departments, our team of collaborative pedagogical leaders offers teachers, principals and school teams educational expertise, support, guidance and inspiration.

Lifelong Learning Starts Today!


Our Mandate

Educational and Technology Services provides support for pedagogy in all youth sector schools. Its major role is centred on the implementation of the Basic School Regulation (BSR) as prescribed by the Ministère de l'Èducation et de l'enseignement supérieur (MEES).