Home Schooling

The Section 15 of the Education Act gives parents the right to teach their children at home. Parents who request a Home Schooling Contract with the EMSB must reside within the territory that's served by the Board. A request for the contract must include an application for the contract, an education plan (which specifies the teaching, learning and assessment experiences that shall be provided) and an eligibility certificate for English instruction. The deadline for applications is July 1.

The EMSB must evaluate the educational experience of the student in question who is about to receive home schooling. This is done to ensure that the home schooling that is going to be provided is similar to what is provided at school.

The policy is run under the jurisdiction of the Educational and Technology Services (ETS) department . During the home schooling application process, ETS will review the request for a Home Schooling Contract; interview the parents; assist the parents in preparing an education plan; review and discuss the education plan; submit a recommendation to the Director General, approving or denying the request for the contract; and evaluate the home schooled student. Once the Board has determined that the parents are able to fulfill their obligation to provide proper home schooling, a Home Schooling Contract shall be issued. The contract is valid for one (1) year and is renewable by application on an annual basis.