Digital Citizenship @ EMSB

Digital Citizenship is about maximizing the beneficial outcomes the digital world can hold for children, while minimizing the harmful effects. It promotes safe and appropriate online behaviour and encourages critical thinking about media, information, communication, social interaction, culture and respect. The EMSBDC initiative looks at Digital Citizenship through three main tenets: Be Real, Be safe, Be smart.

The EMSB Virtual Library

A quality compendium of resources to enrich education and encourage enthusiastic learning and literacy. From exciting popular ebook titles to animated science and mathematics models and online access to local newspapers and magazines, this resource has something for everyone. Best of all, it is FREE for the EMSB community to use, and most resources can be accessed from home, 24-7.

EMSB Reads

A literacy initiative that encourages book discussion and reflection among students. An opt-in format open to libraries across the EMSB, this initiative promotes reading to readers of every level, and gives students a chance to share their opinions about what they read.