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Community Services

Community Services has established a forward looking Plan of Action 2010-2014 that is in line with the EMSB’s Green Policy, which uses the four pillars of Education for Sustainable Development (Pillar I – Education, Pillar II – Green and Healthy Space, Pillar III – Sustainable Resource Use and Pillar IV - Strive to Be Toxic Free.) as a framework. Community Services Action Plan

Community Services/Daycare distributed the inaugural issue of the Green Report.
The special issue gives an overview of the innovative and exciting initiatives taking place in the 29 elementary schools and their daycares. The Green Report has been organized according to the four (4) pillars of the EMSB Green Plan Policy.

The EMSB Daycare Services has worked on a wonderful new humanitarian project, creating sleeping mats from milk bags. After collecting 300 bags, students will cut them into strips and crochet them into mats. As many bags as possible will be collected in order to send the finished sleeping mats to Africa. This project is an excellent opportunity to teach students about charity work and reusing and recycling. Please help us by donating your used OUTER milk bags (the ones with the printing on them). There will be a box place in the Cafeteria next to the door where people can drop them off.