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Message from the Chair

Ginette Sauvé-Frankel

A Year in Review (2011-2012)

The EMSB Green Policy (2010) that encompasses the following four pillars: education; creating green and healthy spaces; sustainable resource use; and striving to be toxic free, was used to provide a framework for the creation of a five-year school board Action Plan. The EMSB Action Plan (2011-2016) was distributed to schools and centres to help inform the creation of their own action plans. Under the guidance of the School Green Focus Committee (chaired by Claude Dansereau), every school submitted their own Green Action Plan for the very first time.

As a means to support the Board’s and schools/centres’ action plans, a Green Awards and a Green Grants programs were both instituted. In the former instance, the Awards serve as a means to acknowledge the important and innovative green initiatives that have taken place at the grassroots level in our schools and centres. One Award (James Lyng, Pillar 1) and one Recognition prize (John Paul, Pillar 2) were awarded in the first year.

EMSB Green Awards

    (Three awards, one per pillar, to support future green initiatives)

    PILLAR 1 Education 1,000$
    PILLAR 2 Green and Healthy Space 1,000$
    PILLAR 3 Sustainable Resource Use 1,000$

EMSB Green Recognition Prizes

    (Three prizes deserving an honorable mention, chosen from those submitted, to support future green initiatives)

    3 prizes of 500$ each

With a budget of $20,000 the Green Grants program will help schools, centres and the administrative building implement future environmental initiatives ensuing from their action plans, and that are linked to the four pillars of the EMSB Green Policy.

Grant Categories

    Category OAK: Grants from $3,000 to $5,000
    Category MAPLE: Grants from $1,000 to $2,999
    Category WILLOW: Grants under $1,000

Two Oak grants (Dante - Creation of an Arboretum and Gerald McShane - Community Teaching Garden), three Maple grants (Parkdale - Growing Up Green at Parkdale; St. Gabriel's - First Floor Oasis; Willingdon - Planting Vegetables and Creating Green Space) and two Willow grants (Perspectives II - Community Roots Garden; Dunrae Gardens - Garden Project) were awarded in the first year.

Also in keeping with the EMSB Action Plan, a number of Board initiatives were implemented this past year. The 6000 Fielding Green Committee, chaired by Mr. Robert Stocker was established, with representatives from each of the departments serving as members. Their mandate is to ensure the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Action Plan in each department at head office.

In January 2011, Daycare Services adopted a Green Plan in accordance with the EMSB Green policy. Daycare Green Initiative Advisor Maddie Guerlain runs a Green Club and or facilitates
activities related to environment consciousness in all of the EMSB's daycares. Information on the various green initiatives that are unfolding in the daycares is posted to a new website and the first comprehensive Green Report newsletter was published. Lastly, the Daycare Division formally inaugurated the Atrium Beautification Project at 6000 Fielding Avenue. The inauguration of the revamped EMSB head office atrium was held during Daycare Week, with a focus on creating a nature-rich space for all EMSB employees to enjoy. The intent is to also show the environmental consciousness being cultivated in the daycares.

This past year, efforts were also made to maintain the Green Plan website, in order to ensure the EMSB community is kept informed about the many exciting green initiatives unfolding in our board, schools and centres.