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A list of school-based environmental contests.

  • Bureau en Gros: Recycling contest »

  • Desjardins: NaturLogic contest »

  • EcoVoyageur: Contests »

  • Frederic Back: Activity Kits »

  • Ici on Recycle! Click to view »
    Le niveau 3 - Performance vise à reconnaître les établissements ayant atteint de hautes performances de mise en valeur des matières résiduelles. Les établissements attestés se distinguent pour avoir mis en place des mesures de réduction, de réemploi, de recyclage et de valorisation des matières résiduelles qui leur permettent d’atteindre un taux de mise en valeur qui dépasse les 80 %.

  • Learning for Sustainable Development Click to view »
    This organization offers three different awards – the LSF Green Teacher Award (First place: $500, Second and Third place: $250, the Jack Layton Award for Youth Action in sustainability, and A Day Made Better (designed to honour a teacher).

  • WWF-Canada Green CommUnity Schools Grants Team Click to view»
    The WWF-Canada Green CommUnity School Grants Program aims to support school projects that will help reduce a community’s impact on the environment, increase understanding of environmental issues and solutions, stimulate environmental leadership, and inspire students and communities to take action. Any "green" project that focuses on connecting students with nature and the environment is eligible!