History of EMSB

About the EMSB

With a youth and adult sector population of more than 35,000 students, the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) is the largest English public school board in Quebec. Established on July 1, 1998, when the province created new boards along linguistic lines, our network consists of 81schools and centres. It is the elected council of commissioners which runs the affairs of the EMSB. This 23-member body oversees a budget of more than $217 million. The funds are supplied through grants from the provincial government and, to a lesser extent, through local school taxation. EMSB schools and centres work in conjunction with governing boards, which are made up of an equal number of parents and staff, along with the principal or centre director. In addition, representatives of the community and students in the second cycle of high school are members of the governing board, but they do not have the right to vote. There are also three regional parents' committees and one Central Parents' Committee (CPC). Along with advising the board on all issues relating to schools and parents, the CPC annually appoints two of its members to sit on the council of commissioners. Parents are also members of the EMSB special education and transportation committees.

Logo description

The design, a circle representing the Board's global approach to education, depicts a printed "E" for English and a cursive "M" for Montreal. The "E's" three bars are also a traditional symbol for the active intellect, and symbolize the three academic levels of study at the EMSB: elementary, secondary and adult education. The logo was designed for use in two colours. The colour of the symbol is Burgundy PMS 187 and the word mark is black. If printing in one colour, there are three options. In order of preference, they are:

  • reproduce symbol and word mark in PMS 187
  • reproduce symbol and word mark in black
  • reproduce symbol and word mark in another colour as long as it is a conservative colour.

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