High School of Montreal Adult Education Centre

3711 de Bullion Street,
Montreal  H2X 3A2
Centre Principal: Rick David
Centre Vice-Principal: Frédéric Boudreault
Phone Number: 514-788-5937
Fax Number: 514-788-5955
E-mail: hsm@emsb.qc.ca
Web Address: www.emsb.qc.ca/hsm

List of Programmes:
Morning Literacy and Pre-Secondary Monday - Friday 8:30AM to 12:30PM
Afternoon Academic Monday - Friday 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Evening Academic Monday-Thursday 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Evening Literacy and Pre-Secondary Monday-Thursday 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Programme Descriptions:
Literacy and Pre-Secondary:

Our Literacy courses are designed to allow students to improve their Basic English Language and mathematics skills. The programme is a 4 Step programme and each Step includes 4 Levels. Students are interviewed at the time of registration and are placed in homogeneous classes according to their abilities. Each Level involves approximately 150 hours of classroom activities and at the end of each course the student is evaluated and their next placement is determined.

Students can also be enrolled in Pre-Secondary courses. These courses are designed to prepare students to further improve their skills so that they can follow the Academic programme leading to a Quebec High School Leaving Certificate. Courses at this level focus on a wide range of subject matter including Social Studies, Computers, mathematics, science as well as English and French.

Our Centre offers a complete range of traditionally taught academic courses leading to a Quebec High School Leaving Certificate. We also offer all pre-requisite courses that students need in order to enrol in a vocational programme. In general afternoon students enrol in a single course that runs for an average of 160 hours over 8 weeks. HSM caters to students who only require a few courses in order to graduate and the students are able to complete their graduation requirements quickly. We also cater to those students who find it difficult to follow more than one course at a time. Our system allows them to concentrate their efforts on a single subject at a time.

Students who have studied in Quebec will have their transcripts evaluated by our Academic Advisor. Once the assessment is complete the student will know exactly what they require in order to graduate or to enrol in a Vocational Centre.

Students who have not previously studied in Quebec are given placement tests and are interviewed in order to properly assess which programme and which level within the programme bests meets their needs.

All students must be legal residents of the Province of Quebec in order to attend.

How to Apply:
All students must apply in person. Our registration periods are pre-determined and students are invited to call the Centre for details of the times and dates at (514) 788-5937.

Our D.E.A.L. programme (Distance Education for Adult Learners) is designed to allow students who cannot attend regular classes to follow courses from home.

Upon completion of the registration package students enrol in one or more courses at a time and are sent the courses packages so that they can study at home. Students are expected to complete the assignments contained in each course package. These assignments are corrected and returned to the students. Generally each course requires that students successfully complete 3 assignments and then they make arrangements to write the final exam. Students are also provided with tutorial assistance from a teacher on request. Students are expected to complete the course in a period of six months.

For Additional Information on the D.E.A.L. programme please call (514) 798-8808 or Toll Free at 1-800-950-5552