Board Policies

On June 25, 1998, the Provisional Council of the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) adopted a resolution (#98-06-25-11) transferring the existing policies and procedures of The Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal (PSBGM) to the EMSB to remain in force until such time as new policies and procedures were developed to replace them.

Since that time, the policy manual has undergone considerable revision and a number of new policies have been developed which reflect the specific orientations and mission of the English Montreal School Board. This process of revision and development is still in progress. The present manual reflects the current state of development up to December 31, 2003, and will have to be maintained and updated on a regular basis as new policies continue to be developed.

Each policy has been formatted to indicate the department responsible for its development ("origin"), the resolution number, which indicates the date and item number of its adoption ("authority") and any pertinent laws, other policies, guidelines, collective agreements, etc., to which the policy refers ("references"). Some, but not all, policies are accompanied by a set of procedures.


Administrative Procedures re Queries from Parents
Alternative School Proposals
Applied Research and Projects in EMSB Schools and Centres
Bingo - Use of School Facilities
Communications with the Media
Death of a Staff Member or Student
EMSB Mission Statement
Emergency Shut-Down of School and/or Administration Building and/or Satellite Offices
Employees Disclosure Protection
Financial Contribution from Parents or Students
Gifts to Teachers by Students
Green Policy
Information and Communication Technologies - Access and Acceptable Use
Length of Noon-Hour Period
Long Range Planning Committee - Mandate
Maintenance or Closure of Schools
Media Coverage at Board Meetings
Naming or Renaming of Schools
No Smoking Policy
Noon-Hour Supervision
Reimbursement of Commissioner Expenses
Reimbursement of Expenses Incurred by Commissioners in the Performance of Their Mandate
Safe Physical and Cyber Environment
School Volunteer Program
Student Parking on School Grounds
Tendering Process
Violence on Television

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Bill 65 - Access to Documents and Protection of Personal Information
Guidelines for Commissioners Attending Conferences, Conventions and Meetings Outside the Board
Oath of Confidentiality by Observers from Board's Consultative Groups
Operation and Rules of Internal Management of the Council of Commissioners
Procedural Guidelines for Regular Meetings of the Board
Records Retention
School Board Elections
Structure of Committees
Taping of Meetings by Individual Commissioners
Voting Procedures of Board's Representatives to School Council of the Island of Montreal

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Appointment of External Auditors
Audit Committee
Budget Control Committee
Budget Preparation and Accountability Provisions
Cash Receipts Handling and Security
Reimbursement of Expenses
Reporting of Expenditures Over $5000
School Banking Arrangements
Signing Authority forSpending Operating and Capital Budgets
Signing Officers re Cheque Disbursements and Banking Loans

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Abolishing, Maintaining, Creating and Hiring re Non-Instructional Positions
Code of Ethics
Hiring of Handicapped Personnel
Loan of Service to MEQ : Three-Year Limit
Long Service Award
Private Tutoring by a Pupil's Teacher
Reception for Retiring Staff
School Administrative Appointments - Term Restriction
Sensitive Interpersonal Situations (Sexual Harassment, Verbal Insults, Physical Assault)

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Clearing of Snow from Parking Lots
Leases - Administrative Charge re Joint Operation of Board Facilities with Other Educational Institutions
Official Flags
Outside Organizations - Rental Policy and Rate Structure for Use of Board Facilities
Parking - Administration Building
Security and Safety Measures for Major Repairs or Renovations Over $25,000
Use of Board Facilities by Municipalities and Other Outside Organizations in Event of Emergency or Disaster

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Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
Control of Absenteeism
Corporal Punishment
First Aid
Release of Nominative Information Concerning Students where Urgent and Dangerous Situations Exist (Bill 65)
Policy Governing the Organization of Educational Services for Students with Handicaps, Social Maladjustments or Learning Disabilities
Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect
Traumatic Events Support Team Services

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Accessibility of Condoms in Secondary Schools
Board Certificates and Diplomas
Educational Measurement and Evaluation
French Immersion - Secondary Schools
Gifted and Talented Children
Home Schooling
Inner City Schools
Language of Instruction for Ethics and Religious Culture Program
Library Materials - Selection
Moral and Religious Education - Right of Exemption for Students
Physical Education Safety
Promotion Policy
Reporting Practices
Resource Materials - Selection
Sex Education

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Adult Education
Fee Structure
Recruitment, Employment and Assignment of Instructional
Personnel in the Adult Education Sector

Response Mechanism Regarding Violent Student Behaviour - Adult Sector
Signing Officers

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Absorption of Deficit in Transportation Budget
Allocation of Functions and Mode of Operation and Financing of Regional and Central Parents' Committees
Coordination of Movable Pedagogical Days for Twinned Schools
Free Milk Program
Inner City Nutritional Support Programs - Elementary Schools
Inner City Nutritional Support Programs - High Schools
Joint Operation of Secondary Schools with Another School Board - Provision of Transportation to Students
Multicultural/ Multiracial Education
Racial Incidents
Safe Schools and Centres
School Daycare Services
Standardization of Starting Times in Schools

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