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MONTREAL, JANUARY 19, 2012 – While students have been reaping the benefits of Gerald McShane’s Community Learning Centre (CLC) since the beginning of the year, the Montreal North school, located at 6111 Maurice Duplessis, will officially inaugurate their CLC with a wine and cheese gala on Tuesday,  January 31 (5 p.m.  to 7 p.m.)

Since the beginning of the school year, under the guidance of coordinator Bobbie Variantzas, Gerald McShane has undertaken a number of programs under the CLC banner.

Programs include a revamped After School Homework Program for students in Grades 3 to 6. The new-look program provides a structured environment which teaches them how to be more independent and responsible for their own learning. The school’s resource team as well as a number of our teachers and tutors are actively involved in helping the children succeed in this endeavor.

Additionally, Gerald McShane has formed a partnership with Rayon Soleil, an organization within walking distance of the school that provides affordable housing for young single mothers and gives them to opportunity to go back to school. Rayon Soleil also is home to a daycare (CPE) as well as Les Fourchettes de l’Espoir, an organization that helps feed low-income families from the Montreal-North area. 

Through an initiative called Moms4Moms, the Gerald McShane community has worked with Rayon Soleil to aid the young mothers acquire food, clothing, furniture and toys.  In exchange for this service, the moms are be required to take four to six weekly session workshops offered at the school. Workshops include cooking, exercise or yoga, managing personal budgets, activities for young children and more.

To further foster community awareness, Gerald McShane students are creating storybooks that they will give to the children of the young mothers of Rayon Soleil



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