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MONTREAL, FEBRURAY 22, 2012 – For the second straight year, the English Montreal School Board took part in Hooked on School Week, an initiative developed by the Montreal Hooked on School organization (Réseau réussite Montréal).
Dedicated to keep youth and families at the center of their efforts to increase school retention, Montreal Hooked on School is committed to developing projects in partnership with local and regional actors to increase the reach and the impact of actions undertaken to help youth, their families, as well as community stakeholders.
Throughout the week, events were organized across the English Montreal School Board with the goal of having a positive impact on young people, parents, and other concerned parties, with the objective of increasing school persistence and success, and reconnecting with school.

New for the 2012 was the Wall of Encouragement, an online portal meant to encourage the school perseverance and success of young people. Individuals can publish a message on the wall or send a personal note directly to someone they care about at: The Wall of Encouragement will remain online throughout the year.
Highlights from the English Montreal School Board included:

  • The second annual Hooked on School, Hooked on Music concert at Rosemount High School. With the help of the Rosemount High School Symphonic Winds Orchestra, led by Andrew Mangal, as well as M City Solo and the Music with Meaning tour, students were treated to an exciting concert. One highlight of the show was the encore of “Don’t Stop Believing”, this time sung by Mangal with Rosemount High School student Melina Catalano. To watch the video, please click here:

  • Westmount High School launched only the second student-run blog in the English Montreal School Board. In the Loop is part of an initiative to teach students about the power of new media and to engage them in their school community. The blog provides students with the opportunity to express themselves and gain meaningful journalistic experience while publicizing the diverse activities going on at Westmount High. Although Westmount staff will oversee the blog, the intention is allow ideas to be expressed in the students’ own voices. In the Loop will feature posts on a wide-range of topics from sports to academic achievements, school events to community initiatives and even include posts by correspondents travelling on Westmount’s annual Europe trip. In The Loop can be read at:
  • James Lyng High School in St. Henri invited Enzo Reda from the TRIOOMPH Foundation to speak with students. The TRIOOMPH Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to encouraging students to dream and to succeed at school by reinforcing perseverance. With its "Driving Your Success" program, TRIOOMPH encourage public high-school students in Quebec to work toward their dreams and to succeed. As part of this initiative, schools are paired with driver-mentors for an entire academic year. High-performance cars are used to encourage students aged 13 to 20 to work hard and persevere in their school work. Additionally, students at James Lyng High School also took an oath to persevere and stay in school.

  • Vincent Massey Collegiate in Rosemount was featured in the Journal de Montreal for having a dropout rate of  zero percent. 
  • LaurenHill Academy in St. Laurent invited Leave out Violence (LOVE) to speak with students in Grade 7 and 8.  


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