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MONTREAL, MARCH 27, 2012 -  Royal West Academy Foundation successfully launched its “Sharing the Stage with You” Capital Campaign on March  21 at a fundraising event at the Centaur Theatre.

The capital campaign’s goal is to raise monies for a much-needed refurbishment of the school’s 80-year-old auditorium, turning it into a state-of-the-art Performing Arts Centre. The $2.2 million goal is the largest campaign undertaken by a public school in Québec. To date, the Foundation has raised over $70,000. The kick-off fundraising event alone raised $6,000.

The Foundation is also pleased to announce that Jacob Tierney, actor, writer, director and RWA class of 1996 alumni has accepted to be its ambassador. “It is my great honour to be the Ambassador for the Royal West Foundation. My alma mater, RWA, has a storied history of excellence and I strongly believe that the creation of a Performing Arts Centre fulfills the school's already sterling commitment to the arts. I think this is an exciting time for the school, and I am humbled and thrilled to have been asked to do my part in helping them achieve this admirable goal.”

The Royal West Academy auditorium absolutely needs improvement — the current facility is inadequate for the scale and quality of productions being mounted. After 80 years, the school now has the opportunity to create an auditorium that supports its advanced educational goals.

The auditorium plays a central role in the complete academic life of the school, and in the wide variety of extra-curricular learning opportunities at Royal West Academy. It is the public face and community gathering space of the school. Every year, Royal West Academy counts on the auditorium as its venue not only for concerts and drama productions, but also debates, science fairs, assemblies and art exhibitions.

Says Principal Mr. Tony Pita: “Performing arts are very important to Royal West Academy. They develop well-rounded students and instill a unique sense of confidence that comes with the experience of performing. Drama productions and concerts are also the ultimate team projects, where many students must work unselfishly toward a common goal with a clear focus on performance quality.”

To ensure maximum use, the new auditorium has been designed for versatility. A large flat floor will accommodate art exhibitions, science fairs and parent-teacher meetings, while a balcony will enhance the appreciation of performing arts productions.

The new space will have the concert hall features of an enclosed box, shaped to optimize acoustical resonance and sight lines. Performances will benefit from professional lighting and sound equipment. Stage facilities will be modernized with backstage and scene changing technologies.

The Foundation is aiming to raise $1.4 million required for the first phase of the renovation by 2013. For more information or to make a donation, please visit the Foundation’s web site at: or contact them at



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