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MONTREAL, APRIL 25, 2012The EMSB’s most dynamic public speakers once again took to the podium at the 2012 EMSB Public Speaking Competition, which took place at Laurier Macdonald High School in St. Leonard on April 18 and 19. 

Serving as the keynote speaker and addressing the students on the importance of public speaking in their lives was Massimo Pacetti, the Member of Parliament for Saint-Léonard and Saint-Michel.  The bilingual competition for Cycle 1 students were held on April 18, while Cycle II students competed on April 19. Students were asked to deliver persuasive speeches on topics of social importance. 

As with past years, Cycle I winners may have the opportunity to present their winning speeches to the Council of Commissioners.

Cycle II students, Victoria Hall from Rosemount High School and Adrian Smith from Royal West Academy in Montreal West were invited to compete in the Rotary Club Public Speaking Competition on May 15th and the Women’s Canadian Club awarded Denushan Nadarajah  from Rosemount High School an all expenses paid week to “Encounters with Canada” in Ottawa.

The complete list of winners are as follows:

Cycle I Winners (April 18th)

Sec I
1. Conor Jung – Royal West Academy – “My Grandparents/ My Heroes”
2. Catherine Jarvis – Marymount Academy – “A New Friend”
3. Alissa Luxenberg – Royal Vale High School – “An Eggstraordinary Friendship”

Sec I French
1. Penny Rokakis – Royal Vale High School – La mort de ma tante
2. Natasha Glisic – Rosemount High School – Mon voyage en Bosnie
3. Kelly Labelle – Westmount High School – Le cancer de ma grand-mere

Sec II
1. Pamela Lazzara – Vincent Massey Collegiate –“ Experiencing Sibling Bullying”
2. Harsh Patel – Royal Vale High School – “The Baby Surprise!”
3. Nicholas Bailey – Royal West Academy – “The Favour”

Sec II French
1. Joshua Werber – Royal Vale High School – Les grenouilles d’enfer
2. Tasmia Matin – Westmount High School – Mon enseignante

Cycle II winners (April 19th)

1. Zachary Mitchell – Royal West Academy – “Religion Does More Harm Than Good”
2. Osama Rehman – Marymount Academy – “Atheism”
3. Armando Gonzalez-Bermudez – Royal Vale High School – “Racial Profiling”

Sec IV
1. Denushan Nadarajah – Rosemount High School – “Macdonald’s” 
2. Seham Allison – Marymount Academy - “African-American Vernacular”
3. Samantha Scenna – Vincent Massey Collegiate – “More Art in High Schools Please”

Sec V
1. Victoria Hall – Rosemount High School – “The Day the Music Died”
2. Adrian Smith – Royal West Academy – “The Apathy Problem”
3. Hunter Stillman-Marymount Academy - “Democracy in Canada”


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