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MONTREAL, MAY 31, 2012 – While Parkdale Elementary School’s Community Learning Centre (CLC) has been active since September, the St. Laurent community is invited to the building (1475 Deguire) on Monday, June 11  (5 p.m. to 7 p.m.) for the official inauguration.

Under the guise of Principal Itrat Ahmad and CLC Coordinator Christopher Popowycz, students at Parkdale have benefited from a variety of activities and partnerships throughout the year.

Since September, Popowycz has overseen the “5 out of 5” program, where students are given healthy snacks and parents are invited for monthly health and nutrition workshops.

Spearheaded by Grade 5 and 6 teacher Heather Strulovitch, Parkdale has also worked closely with Kids Help Phone to promote various anti-bullying initiatives.  This led to the signing of an anti-bullying pledge by every student that which was followed by an anti-bullying demonstration and walk around the community.

Critical to the reach and success of the CLC were the myriad of community partnerships with organizations such as: Centre de Santé et de Services Sociaux (CSSS) Bordeaux Cartier Ville Saint-Laurent, the Comité des Organismes Sociaux de St-Laurent (COSSL), the YMCA of St-Laurent, the Centre de Loisirs et Culture de Saint-Laurent, Centre Bon Courage de la Place Benoit, L'Unité, and CARI St. Laurent.

“Along with these organizations, representatives from Parkdale also sit on various key strategy planning committees that link all the social and health organizations in St-Laurent together,” said Ms.  Ahmad. “We are happy and proud to open our door to these organizations and have already begun many wonderful projects this year, and for next year…this will further strengthen the foundation of a healthy, sustainable, and a vibrant community.”

Parkdale, along with the three other CLCs in the EMSB, also benefits from a state of the art Visio Conference facility. The room enables the CLCs to communicate amongst themselves as well as provide a valuable resource for curriculum content, complimentary services and learning materials. The facility is also used by community partners, both public and private, for a variety of needs ranging from reducing meeting costs to upgrading skills of corporate and community group personnel.

Parkdale is one of four Community Learning Centres in the English Montreal School Board. Along with James Lyng High School in Ville-Emard, Laurier Macdonald High School in St. Leonard and Gerald McShane Elementary School in Montreal North, the CLCs have a mandate of promoting English-language education and community development in their respective territories.


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