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MONTREAL, AUGUST 15, 2012 – While summer vacation is winding down, for some children, science took centre stage during their break as Westmount High School played host to the first annual Westmount Science Camp.

Featuring a varied science program run by specialists from McGill and Concordia Universities as well as Let's Talk Science and the Neuro, the City of Westmount bolstered its ongoing community programs this summer by providing a science camp in addition to its usual sports activities. 

With the support of the English Montreal School Board, Principal Michael Cristofaro and Westmount High School as well as the Westmount Sports and Recreation Department, children were able to spend their summer by participating in fun, yet real, science.

The camp was the culmination of several years of planning by its Director and Westmount resident, Nigel Penney. Due to the incredible response this year, Penney is already planning on expanding the camp substantially for 2013. Local businesses and sponsors are also providing funding that should enable a level of financial support for those families unable to afford the full camp fees.

For more information please contact the Nigel Penney, at 514-691-9307 or via e-mail at:


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