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MONTREAL, AUGUST 28, 2012 – With the provincial election only a few days away, Grade 6 students at Honoré Mericer Elemetary School in St. Leonard (8280 Nantes) will be jumping into the political fray as four of the six candidates for the Jeanne-Mance/Viger riding will be speaking to students and taking their questions on Thursday, August 30 and Friday, August 31.

Beginning on Thursday at 11 a.m., the students will hear from Coalition Avenir Québec candidate Jean-François Gagné. At 1 p.m., incumbent candidate Filomena Rotiroti (Liberal) will meet with the students and on Friday at 1 p.m. Option Nationale candidate Julie Surprenant will join them.

Québec Solidaire candidate Marie-Chantal Locas will be in attendance as well, however, she has yet to confirm a time.

“I teach students about the three levels of government each year and I do not think there is a better way for them to learn about our political system than by meeting the candidates leading up to an election,” said Réal Heppelle, the organizer of the event. “After this, I hope the students will be able to associate the faces they’ve seen on signs and the names they’ve heard on the radio with actual people.”

In order to properly prepare for their time with the candidates, the first homework assignment of the school year will be for students to sit down with their parents and come up with three questions for the individual candidates.

“I think that at their age, they are more willing to learn about our government and the political process than when they’re in high school,” added Mr. Heppelle. “This will help teach them why all elections, especially provincial ones, are so important.”


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