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MONTREAL, AUGUST 30, 2012 – In advance of the upcoming provincial election, representatives from the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) are meeting with candidates from the main political parties in order to ensure that the concerns of the public school system are addressed.

The third in a series of meetings took place on August 28 when EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini and Vice--Chairman Sylvia Lo Bianco met with representatives of the Parti Québecois.

Ms. Mancini expressed concern over reports that a PQ government would further tighten the language laws and restrict access to adult educational and vocational service programs. But the PQ officials insisted that is not correct and in their opinion Bill 101 would not be extended to impact upon the adult sector.

Furthermore, the PQ officials pointed out that the last time their party was in power they were the ones to create linguistic school boards because they believe in such a system and wish for it to thrive.

As for school board elections, which were supposed to take place last November, the PQ officials promised that if they are elected this will be dealt with very quickly  in terms of setting an actual date and determining the electoral maps for each Board.

This was a private meeting and for this reason the PQ representatives asked that their identities not be publicly identified.


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