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MONTREAL, OCTOBER 9, 2012 – After four years of planning, students at Leonardo Da Vinci Academy in Riviere-des-Prairies finally have a mini-oasis in their backyard, an area in which they will be able to enjoy classes, lunches and recesses outdoors.

As a Bruntland School, Leonardo Da Vinci Academy decided to spearhead the initiative to provide students with a green section of their schoolyard that will give them a place to sit, have a snack or read a book during their free time. Additionally, to encourage the study of nature, the new area will also allow for students to place bird feeders, attract squirrels and observe a variety of different plants.

Complete with three park benches, three picnic tables and 10 rock boulder seats, ample space is available for students to relax outdoors during the fall and spring as well as for classes to be conducted outside.

With the greenery all native to Canada and Quebec, the park has five different species of trees: lilac, spruce, red maple, gingko biloba and white oak, while the ground cover is a blend of

Additional plants, shrubs and ground cover planted in the area are: Canadian reed grass, Canada tick trefoil, Joe-pye weed, Canadian burnet, river bank grape, devil’s darning needle, tuffed hair-grass, creeping red fescue, foxtail barley, indigo seeds, purple stem aster, simplex aster, black-eyed susan, prairie blues, Canada golden rod, clover, raspberry, and other wild grasses.


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