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MONTREAL, OCTOBER 16, 2012 – The Blue Wave Foundation, an organization that attempts to foster a society where adolescents feel comfortable to discuss personal feelings about mental health and bullying will be coming to the English Montreal School Board on Monday, October 22 and Tuesday, October 23.

On October 22 (10 a.m), students at Westmount High School (4350 St. Catherine) will begin riding the Blue Wave. Following that assembly, the tour will head to Royal West Academy (1:20 p.m.) in Montreal West (189 Easton).. EMSB’s Blue Wave will culminate on October 23 (2 p.m.) at LaurenHill Academy’s Senior Campus  in St. Laurent (2505 Cote Vertu).

Making their first visit to Quebec schools, the foundation hopes to make a strong impact through their successful Blue Wave Days. Based out of Western Canada, the Blue Wave Foundation has been providing school aged youth with interactive, thought provoking activities surrounding issues of mental health and bullying since 2006. Blue Wave Day will come a little more than two weeks following the suicide of Amanda Todd, a teenager from Coquitlam, British Columbia. Todd committed suicide after suffering from extreme depression following intense bullying, both online and in person.

Each Blue Wave Day begins with an interactive youth led performance. Students immediately get involved through eye-catching routines intended to turn feelings of “blue” into something positive through dance. Following the performance, students hear real stories from their peers, real youth who have gone through these experiences. Through these stories, students are able to connect, normalize and understand the feelings themselves or their friends may have been struggling with. Stories from Blue Wave volunteers provide for a dose of reality, hope and a further connection to a victim of a mental illness stigma or bullying.

Finally, Blue Wave Day wraps up with visual and tangible data sources on mental illness prevalence, warning signs and health literacy.   

For more information on the Blue Wave Foundation, please visit: You can follow them on Twitter: @itsok2bblue and see them in action at


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