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MONTREAL, NOVEMBER 1, 2012 – Laurier Macdonald High School (7355 Viau) in St. Léonard is set to host a special Remembrance Day ceremony on Thursday, November 8  (9 a.m.), which will bridge the past, present and future by honouring Canadian Veterans and Holocaust survivors as well as swear in 30 new individuals as Canadian citizens.

Coordinated by Vince Lacroce, Spiritual and Community Animator at Laurier Macdonald High School, students in attendance will be able to partake in two of Canada’s finest traditions by welcome Canada’s newest citizens and embracing the achievements and sacrifices made by those who served Canada in times of war and peace. Additionally, the ceremony will also honor those who perished in the Holocaust by lighting six candles symbolizing the sixmillion Jews who were murdered at the hands of the Nazis as well as a peace candle symbolizing our intent to unify the world in peace.

On hand for the special morning will be   Massimo Pacetti, Member of Parliament for Saint-Léonard/Saint-Michel;  Reverand Daryl Gray, Pastor at the Imani Family and Full Gospel Church; and 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist in Synchronized Diving,   Meaghan Benfeito.

Presiding over the Citizenship ceremony will be Ms. Barbara Seal, Citizenship Judge and Member of the Order of Canada; Mrs. Georgia Vlachos, Citizenship and Immigration Canada supervisor; Mrs. Cathie Giroux, Citizenship and Immigration Canada manager; Mr. Oscar Cabrera, Clerk of the Ceremony and Constable Mélanie Hammaond, Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Representing the Canadian forces, past and present will be Alex Hall, Veteran; George Mann, Veteran; Master Corporal John Petrou; Corporal Hardy; Corporal Wasburn; Master Corporal Mclaren and Master Corporal Leduc-Butterworth. Joining students to share their experiences and memories from the Holocaust will be: Paul Hercey, Eva Kuper, Ted Bolgar, Olga Sher, Ursula Feist and Margrit Stenge.

Following the ceremony, the afternoon will consist of two interactive sessions bringing the students and honoured guests together. This will mark the fourth time that Laurier Macdonald has brought Holocaust survivors, Canadian Veterans and Canadian Peacekeepers together in one panel to share their experiences.


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