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MONTREAL, November 5, 2012 –For the 10th consecutive year, the English Montreal School Board has been invited to participate in the annual Toy Tea on Wednesday, December 5, at Tudor Hall, which is located on the fifth floor of Ogilvy’s department store (1307 St. Catherine Street West) in downtown Montreal. The Toy Tea is spearheaded through the collaboration of the Student Services Department, administrators, spiritual community animators, staff members, parents and students of the participating schools.
The annual Montreal Toy Tea began in 1986 with a small group of Montreal ladies collecting and donating brand new toys for children in shelters who normally would not receive new toys like other children during the holiday season. Many of the children were receiving used or second-hand toys which other children no longer wanted. Ginger Petty, along with some other prominent philanthropists in Montreal held this event in the home of Ginger Petty, and soon this “Tea” grew into an annual event of some prominence. This licensed charity is an invitational event from the Montreal women who host the Toy Tea. The donated toys and money are presented to over twenty six shelters of various ethnic and religious backgrounds. Ginger Petty personally goes to the shelters to ensure that the children are receiving the toys personally at their shelter parties. Because these shelters are the homes of women and children who are fleeing from domestic or political violence, the confidentiality issue is important. Claire Kruyt is the new chairperson for the Toy Tea.

In 2003, for the first time, the EMSB was invited by Ginger Petty to participate in the Toy Tea. The EMSB, through the spiritual care and guidance and community involvement service responded with enthusiasm, with over twenty schools collecting new toys and money for underprivileged children in shelters. The EMSB partnership with the Toy Tea has proved to be beneficial to both the donor students and the grateful recipients of the new non-violent toys.

Each year the toys are collected by volunteer retired teachers who come personally to the participating schools for the collection of the toys. If students wish to donate money, these funds can be used to purchase new toys as well.  Many schools select a team of students along with a teacher and/or the spiritual community animator to purchase the new toys with the donated school collection money. Schools may also make a monetary donation to the Toy Tea. The participating schools send representatives to Ogilvy’s on the day of the Toy Tea to receive their certificate of participation. This year, the Our Lady of Pompei and Willingdon school choirs will be performing at the event.

To register your school to participate in the Toy Tea, please contact Spiritual, Religious and Moral Education Consultant Irene Miller at extension 7330 or

For more information, visit the Toy Tea website at:  or



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