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MONTREAL, DECEMBER 17, 2012-    The English Montreal School Board will introduce two vocational programs in health care at the  Shadd Business Centre (1000 Old Orchard, located in N.D.G. near Métro Vendome and within walking distance to MUHC Super Hospital) in early 2013.   Assistance in Health Care Facilities and Pharmacy Technical Assistance are both diploma programs recognized by the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sports (MELS).

“If you have  always enjoyed working with people and have a great deal of patience and understanding for seniors, people with disabilities and those  dealing with life-affecting illness we are proud to announce the arrival of these two  major health programs at Shadd,” commented EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini.

 Assistance in Health Care Facilities is a 750 hour program. Also known as a PAB (préposé aux beneficiaries), as a personal care attendant, successful graduates will provide basic patient care under the direction of nurses or other health care professionals. Students will help keep patients comfortable and tend to their basic needs. Employment in this rewarding field is numerous, from hospitals, long-term facilities, CLSCs, private home-care and agencies. “This is an excellent time to consider training in Assistance in Health Care Facilities,” says EMSB Director of Adult Education and Vocational Services Cosmo Della Rocca.

Pharmacy Technical Assistance is a 1230 hour program. As a pharmacy technical assistant, successful graduates will work under the supervision of a pharmacist in either a community setting or in a health care establishment's pharmacy. The main role of a pharmacy technical assistant is to assist the pharmacist in issuing prescriptions, maintaining and updating patient files as well as distributing and the sale of medications and pharmaceutical products. The pharmacy technical assistant also prepares prescriptions under the supervision of the pharmacist and keeps inventory up to date.  “Quebec’s aging demographic is an opportunity to have a successful career as a PAB or Pharmacy Technical Assistant,” notes Shadd Principal Alice Sideropoulos.
Registration is currently underway at Shadd Business Centre located at 1000 Old Orchard, Montreal, Quebec, H4A 3A4 Tel.: 514 484 0485. Classes for Pharmacy Technical Assistance are expected to begin January 21, 2013 and classes for Assistance in Health Care Facilities are expected to begin February 11, 2013.

To put the EMSB’s present numbers in better perspective, the average success rate among all Quebec schools (public and private) is 73.4 percent while it stands at 69.3 percent for public schools only.

The complete listing of how each board in the province did can be viewed on the EMSB website at


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