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MONTREAL, FEBRUARY 25, 2012 – For most young professionals, having   a law degree and a Masters in Social Work would already be quite the feat, but that was only the beginning for Royal Vale and FACE graduate Joseph Berle. In addition to his academic exploits, he recently broke into the fashion world to immediate acclaim and success through his blog INeffable Fashion ( 

Berle, who turned 27 in December, began cultivating his interest in fashion while attending FACE as a high school student. He will be returning to FACE and speaking to Stephan Gaines’ ERC class on March 1 at 12:45 p.m.

“Being a student at FACE really sparked my creativity,” said Berle. “I could not think of a better combination than a school that allowed me to develop my academic and creative sides.”

As he ascended the academic and professional ladder, Berle quickly realized that many of his male peers simply did not dress appropriately. He found that many professionals were confused, erroneously jumping from trend to trend while they should be building a practical wardrobe of classics that simply never go out of style.
“Unfortunately, people think that buying trendy or flashy clothing will set them apart from the crowd. While this could be the case, it might just be the distinction they are after and I think that saying someone is a good dresser is a much better accolade,” said Berle.

“People notice what you wear and there’s no reason why you cannot always look good,” he added. “The wrong outfit could cost you in a job or school interview and even if you think it doesn’t matter, people notice what you wear. While a certain style might be appropriate for a Saturday night on the town, it is definitely not for a first impression with a potential employer.”

Nearly a decade after his graduation from FACE, through his blog, INeffable Fashion (, Berle’s sound and simple advice is making waves and he is quickly developing his reputation as a fashion pundit. In addition to his target market of young professionals, the blog has also garnered a lot of attention in the fashion community.

“There are many wonderful fashion blogs available, but I could not find one that had everything I wanted, so I decided to write it myself: the simple, sophisticated and timeless side of fashion. There is a tremendous amount that people do not know and I hope I can provide advice and insight that will always be useful.”

Berle’s wife Nathalie is also a big part of the project. In addition to encouraging Berle to pursue his interest in fashion, in her off hours as a resident at the Jewish General Hospital, she serves as INeffable’s fashion consultant, proofreader and publicist.

With the Bar exam quickly approaching, a legal career is still the priority for Berle, but with the steady stream of event invitations and his growing popularity, he hopes to one day turn his passion into something more substantial, such as a clothing line of his own.

“I want people to be able to take a picture today and in 10 years, see that what they were wearing is still in style,” added Berle.

INeffable Fashion can be found at: or via Twitter at: @in_eff. If you have a question about fashion, you can contact Joseph Berle at


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