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MONTREAL, MARCH 13, 2013 -  Former English Montreal School Board student Gift Samuel Tshuma wants to bring his inspirational story to local schools.

Gift, who attended the Mackay Centre School in N.D.G. and Westmount High School, talks about how any of life's obstacles can be overcome.  Despite the fact he cannot walk, this does not stop him from fulfilling his dreams. Currently, Gift is not only a successful motivational speaker, but he is also the co-founder and member of the United Tribulation Choir ( while pursuing full-time a Sociology, Law and Society studies at Concordia University.

Born in Zimbabwe, with congenital muscular dystrophy, which affects muscle strength in his arms and legs. People who are affected by muscular dystrophy often experience a gradual deterioration of muscle strength. However, Gift's rare form of muscular dystrophy hasn't had a negative impact on his muscle strength, instead, they have remained stable over the years. Gift has enough mobility in his hands to operate the controls of his motorized wheelchair, which provides him with a lot of autonomy to move around without requiring any assistance. Gift, came to Canada with his family in 2001 from Zimbabwe in hopes to receive better medical services that catered to the needs of him and his brother.

Gift’s brother (Paul) never walked as well, due to Muscular Dystrophy. During his high school years back in Zimbabwe, he developed an interest in writing poetry. After his first few poems, Paul’s desire for writing diminished. Two years later, Paul met a friend at school, who had an intense passion for writing. After reading a couple of his poems, Paul was once again motivated to write. Over the past couple of years he has published five poetry books, pursued studies in Computer Software and Technology at McGill University and is currently enrolled at Concordia University studying Jazz Musical Performance.

Gift completed his secondary studies in Montreal, discovered his incredible ability to convey his thoughts and his convictions. As a teen, he consistently ranked in the top three of every public speaking event in which he participated. His high school years were further punctuated with active participation in the school's leadership and music programs. "Gift embodies the slogan "No limits, No excuses", says Westmount High Principal Michael Cristofaro. “His determination to take charge of his life and move it in the direction he wanted, without giving a second thought to his physical limitations, is an inspiration to us all."

For the last eight years, Gift has graced the stage with his motivational speeches at various conferences for numerous organizations, fundraising events and corporate gatherings. Although he cannot walk, he has shed light upon his audiences on how it is possible to move great distances. Gift is currently looking for new opportunities to share his thoughts and insights on overcoming the obstacles of life with determination and motivation.

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