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MONTREAL,  MARCH 20, 2013 -  Secondary V students in the Biology class of  teacher Pascale Finet at LaurenHill Academy (2505 Cote Vertu) in St. Laurent will get a true lesson in authentic learning on Monday, March 25 (10:15 a.m.) when lawyer William Brock tells his inspiring story of being a Leukemia survivor. Mr.  Brock also happens to be a graduate of this very school, when it was called Sir Winston Churchill High School.

 This year Mr. Brock will receive the prestigious   Community Service Honorary Fellowship Award  from the Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF)  on April 9 at the Place des Arts. Mr. Brock was recently awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his outstanding contribution to the community.  A senior partner in the litigation group of Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg, a leading Canadian law firm, as  a Leukemia survivor he has undertaken a number of major initiatives to advance the treatment of blood cancers, including the creation of The Fund for Research and Education and the publication of "Portraits of Hope" (, an uplifting portfolio of photos and testimonials of blood cancer survivors and those who have accompanied them through their fight.

“When I was diagnosed with acute leukemia on September 21, 2004, I wasn't under any illusions as to the gravity of the situation - my father Hyman Brock had been diagnosed with leukemia on September 27, 1997, seven years previously almost to the day, and he died on November 6, 1997, a mere six weeks later,” Mr Brock recounts. “Thankfully, I have been more fortunate, I not only survived, but I have returned to life in the full sense of the word.

Founded in 1975, ICRF (  is a non-profit organization consisting of physicians, scientists and volunteers who are dedicated to supporting innovative cancer research in Israel and locally in Montreal at the McGill Translational Centre in association with the Jewish General Hospital. Since its inception, ICRF has raised more than $45 million and has funded over 1800 cancer research projects. A Scientific Advisory Board consisting of internationally renowned cancer specialists stringently review grant applications. ICRF-funded researchers have been making significant progress and have been able to develop improved chemotherapies, advanced techniques in bone marrow transplantation, and an enhanced understanding of tumor suppressor genes.


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