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MONTREAL, SEPTEMBER 12 2013- The English Montreal School Board is expressing solidarity with the Town of Lac-Mégantic following the devastating tragedy which took place last July  when an unmanned Montreal, Maine and Atlantic train rolled down a hill and derailed. Several attached oil tankers exploded in the core section of the small Quebec town,  leaving its residents in shock. Forty-seven people died and many victims are still without a home as the community remains in dire need of both physical and emotional support.

As the staff and students in the various schools of Lac-Mégantic prepare to return to their classes, the EMSB and its school population seek to engage in an appropriate response to the disaster relief. “When one community suffers, we all suffer,” states EMSB Director General Robert Stocker. “Our response to this devastating tragedy is crucial for our neighbors. We hope to provide moral encouragement through discussion among staff and students in order to evoke empathy towards the victims and their families.”

Mr.  Stocker said that the  EMSB intends to connect with the Commission Scolaire des Hauts-Cantons, located in Lac-Mégantic, to offer assistance such as monetary donations, fundraising projects, and possibly visits to the schools. There will also be a display of art in the EMSB Administration Building made from students in various schools depicting pictures and messages of hope for the victims and students affected.

“We wish to extend our sincere sympathies to the families of the deceased and injured as they begin to cope with the emotional impact of this tragic event,” said Mr. Stocker. “We are with them in thought and prayer.”

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