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MONTREAL, NOVEMBER 1, 2013 –  This year, CBC Radio One hosted the TD Kids Book Club competitions for Grades 5 and 6 classes from Montreal schools. Teachers or students were asked to submit an answer to the following question: Why does your class want to be a part of this book club?

At St. Monica Elementary School in NDG, Cycle III English Teacher Noah Trister, submitted an answer on behalf of his Grade 5 class and his entry was chosen as the winner among the many entries received by the CBC.  The reward saw these pupils and the  Grade 5/6 class from the MacKay Centre  (which educates children with motor, speech or sensorial difficulties)  visited by the award nominated children’s book author Deborah Ellis, as well as  CBC arts reporter Pierre Landry  for CBC Radio’s Homerun program.

The students each received a copy of Ellis’ new book  Kids of Kabul,   which follows children who are living bravely through a never-ending war. Readers are introduced to boys and girls from age eleven to seventeen in the city of Kabul.

“I wanted my class to be part of the book club because as a teacher I understand the importance of reading,” said Mr. Trister. “I encourage my students to read every day because of what they can get out of reading. Reading can take them to places they have never been, to places that only a person’s imagination can bring to light. I want my students to understand that anything can happen when they use their imaginations to develop an idea into a story. The worlds that they could create and the characters that they can develop, the possibilities are endless. Reading helps them to build their vocabularies and show them proper grammar. Reading shows students the power that words can have and can give a voice to those who may be too shy to speak out on their own

“Being an inner-city school, many of our students do not get the opportunities that other children might. Most of these students would not get an opportunity to meet someone who has accomplished something extraordinary in their lives, such as writing and publishing a novel. To actually get a chance to put a face to a name that they see on the cover of a book might be motivation to them to strive to achieve to their goals. This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for these students. Not only to meet and see someone who has published a book but to get a chance to ask questions and hear firsthand how hard work and perseverance can pay off would be an invaluable lesson to any student but especially these students. They thoroughly enjoyed meeting Deborah Ellis and are still talking about it today. It was an experience they won't soon forget and It was great to see them learn about how others are treated in different parts of the world and to hear how the stories affected them.”


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