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MONTREAL, NOVEMBER 12, 2013 – With teacher Cedric Zeitouni setting the scene for one of Laurier Macdonald’s greatest capers, students recently donned their latex gloves and were tasked to use their scientific knowledge and investigative prowess to help solve the case of the missing student council funds.

The unique project, which engaged the students on multiple levels, was based around a fictional crime in which a teacher allegedly stole money from the student council safe.

Upon hearing of the incident, students were allowed to examine the “scene” of the crime, which was a carefully set up laboratory. The perpetrator left fingerprint marks on desks, chairs as well as the walls. Additionally, he cut himself during the crime, leaving “blood” on the floor.

Using their blood collection and fingerprint kits, the students collected samples that were subsequently analyzed. To add to the intrigue, a list of suspects was rounded up by Zeitouni, each with potential motives as well as alibis. Finally, it was up to the students to deduce who perpetrated the crime and use the scientific evidence to exonerate the innocent. 


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