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MONTREAL, NOVEMBER 25, 2013 – Since May 2013, students from Vincent Massey Collegiate (VMC) have been involved with a project initiated by their school Spiritual Care, Community Involvement and Guidance Animator (SCA) Mr. Rocco Speranza and teacher Mr. Gagnon.

Entitled “Remembering the Forgotten Heroes Then and Now,” the project aimed to teach the youth about leadership, citizenship, remembrance, and community.

The first aspect of the project was the creation of red maple leaves, which would be placed on remembrance markers, which were placed in Sicily, marking the anniversary of Operation Husky.

Continuing with the project, both Mr. Speranza and Mr. Gagnon decided to mark the 70th anniversary of Operation Husky and the 60th anniversary of the Korean War by holding a commemorative ceremony and creating a cenotaph at the school. A joint project between Mountainview High School and VMC led to creation of 4 x 4 wooden symbols for the cenotaph.

On Thursday November 7, 2013, VMC Held its trilingual youth commemorative ceremony and youth forum entitled: “The Spirit of Remembering Then and Now Remembering the Forgotten Heroes.” Students were joined by The Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada, the Honourable Julian Fantino and other guests including veterans and present members of the Canadian Forces.

The school and students paid homage to the fallen and those who returned from battles and conflicts and in their honour. Additionally, they unveiled its 4 x 6 foot stone cenotaph with the centerpiece being a wood cutout of the replica of the Korean War pin on one side and the outline of Italy on the other side. They also unveiled three wooden poppies (4 x 4).

This project is still ongoing thanks to Mr. Gagnon and his Secondary 1 art class, who have agreed to continue working on this project with Mr. Speranza. This project and the art will service as a reminder of the sacrifices made by our Canadian Veterans to future generations.

Mr. Speranza and Mr. Gagnon note that our veterans have not forgotten us and it is up to us not to forget them.


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