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MONTREAL, DECEMBER 5, 2014 – Two  English Montreal School Board Physical Education and Health  teachers have been recognized with prestigious awards.

Shelly Sharp from St. Gabriel Elementary School in Pointe St. Charles was presented with the National Health Educator Award from Physical Health Education (PHE)  while Yann Deville of Dunrae Gardens Elementary School in TMR earned the Association of Physical Educators of Quebec (APEQ) Provincial Teaching Excellence Award.

Ms.  Sharp was honoured at a national level for promoting wellness in her school and community and for her work endorsing health education in the curriculum. Some of her achievements include Cooking Club (parents and students), Pierre Lavoie Challenge, including Health in the science program, organizing the DrumFit workshop, as well as meeting the many challenges of teaching health in an inner city school.   

Mr.  Deville was honoured at a provincial level for his development of an excellent PEH program,  including the design and implementation of a number of LESs (Learning and Evaluation Situations). He has developed links with key people in the community so his students may use the community infrastructures (skating rink, pool, tennis courts) as well as hosting a PEH website for Dunrae. He believes that physical activity does not always occur in a gymnasium setting and students should be active in their own community. Annually he organizes more than 20 outings/school events to increase exposure to physical activity and develop good life habits. He also runs a full range of lunch-time and after-school extra-curricular activities to maximize student physical activity time.


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