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MONTREAL, JANUARY 20, 2014 – Like all International Baccalaureate students, Stefania Restagno was required to undertake a personal project. Yet, for this Grade 11 student at St. Leonard’s Laurier Macdonald High School, her project has become anything but personal.

Carrying a backpack full of post-it notes and pens, Stefania’s goal was to mirror “Operation Beautiful” project, a viral initiative created by American parent Caitlin Boyle, in which she began posting positive messages in public bathrooms, hoping it would catch on.

“If I could help at least one person, that would be amazing,” said Stefania. “Just the thought of having someone write a positive message, not only will it help the person that is writing it, but also a random stranger that happens to be in the girls washroom.”

Entitled #EndNegativeSelfTalk, Stefania goal was stated, however, it was up to her peers to come through. Since posting her first message in early December, the result has been overwhelming.

You can participate in #EndNegativeSelfTalk by uploading a positive message of your own to any of the following social media platforms:

Twitter: @LMACNegSelfTalk
Instagram: #EndNegativeSelfTalk

You can also watch EMSBTV’s interview with Stefania here:



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