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MONTREAL, FEBRUARY 14, 2014 –  This past November, a select group of Grade 10 students set out to attend ‘WE’ Day,  an educational and inspiring event organized for today’s youth.

Led by their art teacher, Sabrina Bejba, guidance counselor, Jamie Dimopoulos and spiritual animator, Katie Leggitt, the students left Rosemount High School and travelled to the Theatre St-Denis. Months later, the students are just as motivated to work within their school and community.

“We selected students who showed leadership qualities,” said Ms. Bejba. “After ‘WE’ Day they were really motivated and asked what else they could do to raise money and help. Upon careful thought and planning, the students, with the help of Ms. Bejba, are on the right track to enriching the lives of fellow students and their community. Throughout the rest of the school year, the students will be working with Meals on Wheels and Dans La Rue by volunteering and raising money.

Seeking to inspire creativity,  as well as the social aspect of working together towards the greater good, Ms. Bejba implemented a community-based art project to involve more students in the fundraising process.

“I implemented a photography contest with the theme being ‘What is special about your community?’ Students are encouraged to go around and take pictures and highlight what they think is unique in or about their community,” explains Ms. Bejba. “The photographs will be displayed at the school’ end of year art show, where all of the attendees are encouraged to donate a dollar per photograph. As an added bonus, each photograph will be subjected to a vote and the strongest works will be displayed in the Beaubien Cinema for the month of April, allowing the community to see the work of the students.”

The volunteer and community outreach effort is slowly spreading throughout the school. On February 26, local Montreal artist Peter Gibson, a.k.a “Roadsworth,” will give a four-session workshop and work with the students to create transportable murals:

“The hope is that the students will be able to put these murals in and around community based centers around Rosemount,” Ms. Beja  says.  “The theme of these murals would also revolve around the community.  We are very excited for his arrival.”

The spirit of giving back is definitely in full form at Rosemount High School. It is without a doubt that both the students and staff are right on their way to making a difference in their community.


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