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MONTREAL, FEBRUARY 14, 2014-  The English Montreal School Board’s Shadd Health and Business Centre in NDG celebrated the first graduates of its Pharmacy Technical Assistant Program recently.  As she stood at the podium, Centre Principal Silvana Crigna couldn’t have looked more proud.
“Commitment, perseverance, courage to face the challenges; the combined forces of meeting goals and exceeding expectations,” stated  Ms. Crigna,  as she addressed the graduates. “To quote Winston Churchill, ‘I like things to happen. When they don’t happen, I like to make them happen.’ Students, congratulations you have made them happen.”

Last year the EMSB and Shadd introduced Pharmacy Technical Assistance and Assistance in Health Care Facilities, both diploma programs recognized by the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sports (MELS).

Pharmacy Technical Assistance is a 1230-hour program. As a pharmacy technical assistant, successful graduates will work under the supervision of a pharmacist in either a community setting or in a health care establishment's pharmacy. The main role of a pharmacy technical assistant is to assist the pharmacist in issuing prescriptions, maintaining and updating patient files as well as distributing and the sale of medications and pharmaceutical products. The pharmacy technical assistant also prepares prescriptions under the supervision of the pharmacist and keeps inventory up to date. 

Shadd’s Pharmacy Technical Assistant Program, still in its infancy stages, is already being celebrated for the elite education that the students receive.

“I believe what makes our particular program unique and stand out is our team,” says Dr. Michelle Carroll. “We have a really diverse and exceptional group of teachers that all pull from various experiences. We work closely with pharmacists in some of our teaching activities and we have educators that were and some that still are PTA’s. Some of us have doctorates in pharmacology and therapeutics so we can offer that molecular and pathological aspect.”

To mark this special and prominent moment in Shadd history were Director General, Robert Stocker, Assistant Director of Adult Education & Vocational Services  Mario Argiropoulos, Commissioner Anne Williams and former Centre Principa  Alice Sideropoulos.

“Students, you have contributed to history. This evening we celebrate an historical moment and most of all, your success,” beamed Ms. Crigna before distributing the certificates. “As the first graduating class of this program, I stand proud before you, for I was honored to see you skills evolve and your passions blossom.”

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