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MONTREAL, FEBRUARY 19, 2014 - Get ready for Nemolition, where student-made robots will put their metal and their electronics to the test. When the 13th Annual CRC Robotics Competition takes place from Thursday, February 20 to Saturday, February 22 (9 a.m. to 9 p.m.), more than 600 hundred high school and CEGEP students will invade the Vanier College Athletic Complex (821 Sainte-Croix) in St. Laurent to demonstrate their creativity and ingenuity in the hope of claiming the title of best robot and the best team.

The working robot is only one part of the challenge. In this competition, as in today’s work world, it takes all kinds of talents for a project to succeed. For instance, on an engineering project, there’s a design and building team, a management team, a marketing team of artists and writers and a team of website designers. It’s this range of abilities and the sense of team spirit that the CRC Robotics Competition aims to recognize with awards in Robot (Game), bilingual Video production, Kiosk, Website, and Engineering Design, and Sportsmanship.

Organized by the Educational Alliance for Science & Technology (EAST) and sponsored by Hydro Québec, the CRC Robotics Competition is unique. It’s the only robotics competition where all the work is done exclusively by students – teachers, engineers, and outside specialists are welcome but for advice only. Except for a motor and a control box that each team receives, everything about the robot, the kiosk, the video, and the website is conceived and built by the students, and where language is necessary, both French and English must be used.

This multi-disciplinary activity, keeps the participants busy and challenged. To build the robot, participants must use all of their knowledge and skills if they are to succeed.

The atmosphere at the competition is amazing. Seeing all the participants, their kiosks and robots, you get to meet the participants and get to share their experiences. There is a great sense of solidarity and cooperation between teams which makes this competition special.

“It is an event for the entire family where the kids really get excited and involved,” said EAST President Agostino Porchetta. “It’s fun, lively, colorful and free! “


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