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MONTREAL, FEBRUARY 24, 2014 – With Olympic fever gripping Canada and the rest of the world, students across the English Montreal School Board have been celebrating the Olympics in their own, unique ways during the two-week competition.

While students have been making the virtual trip to Scohi throughout the day to cheer on Canada, schools have further incorporated the Olympics by holding various competitions and events of their own.

Dalkeith Elementary School:

Dalkeith Elementary planned two weeks of small events that begun with the Opening Ceremonies on February 7 and ended with their Activity Day/Closing Ceremonies on February 26.

The school, which is divided into four houses, was subsequently split into eight countries. Throughout the two weeks, these countries competed in modified Olympic activities, earning points along the way.

In addition to the active competitions, the students also took part in numerous classroom activities where they collectively created a 3D Olympic village, poems using the Olympic motto (higher, faster, stronger), graphs using Olympic statistics as well as various other art pieces. Bulletin boards throughout the school have been dedicated to the medal standings and Canada’s performance.


Sinclair Laird Elementary School:

As a kickoff to the games, educators organized three activities for the children:  ball hockey, winter soccer and luging (a.k.a sledding). Wearing their Team Canada shirts, the students were greeted by Principal Marco Gagliardi,  Physical Education teacher Scott Danovitch and City Breakfast Television host Wilder Weir and his crew.

“It’s great to come in this early and see all these kids super excited about ball hockey, the Olympics and just sports in general,” exclaimed Mr. Weir. “Coming from a sport background, I know how important competition and sport is and what it teaches you about life.”
After participating in a fun game of ball hockey, a group of students game together and sang the Canadian nation anthem for Weir and his crew. The mini athletes then changed into their snow gear and braved the outdoors for more Olympic themed fun.

“We thought this would be a great experience for our kids,” said Mr. Danovitch. “A lot of our students had no clue that they Olympics were even around the corner. Last time the Winter Olympics took place in Vancouver, they were all very young. Now that they are older they can really appreciate it, learn about it and get excited and inspired about it.”

The students at Sinclair Laird have been preparing for the Winter Games for weeks. Mr. Gagliardi stated: “Presently our students are working on some Olympic themed projects. They are looking at their favorite athlete and their favorite sport. It’s nice to see the variety of athletes that they are coming up with; it’s both men and women and not just the popular sports like hockey. The kids are really interested and I think they are learning a lot about the games.”

With rosy cheeks and smiles all around, it was clear that all the participants of the Sinclair Laird Winter Olympics had a lot of fun.

Hampstead School:

During the two weeks of the Olympic Games, students at Hampstead School had the opportunity to participate in several outdoor activities, including skiing, sledding, snowshoeing and hockey. In keeping up with the competition of the Olympics, they tracked the medal count of various countries and were introduced to a variety of different Olympic Sports.

On February 10th, Hampstead students had the opportunity to spend time Thomas Hall, Olympic Bronze Medalist in the singles canoe from the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

Thomas spoke to all of the students and shared a very inspirational message. At the end of his presentation, he let the students hold and take pictures with his medal.

Finally, to mark the end of the Olympics, students will be participating in a mini-Olympic day.  Students will be divided into several teams and compete in three different winter events.

John Paul I High School:

The Olympics were celebrated in a special way at John Paul I High School as on February 20, the students participated in a snowshoe race outside. Following the outdoor event, students switched gears and participated in a cardio event inside where they collectively covered the kilometers from Montreal to Sochi.


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