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MONTREAL, SEPTEMBER 5, 2002- A preliminary analysis of the June 2002 MEQ Provincial Examinations indicates that students of the English Montreal School Board have performed extremely well.

In six of the eight courses for which there were provincial exams, EMSB students scored higher than the region of Montreal and higher than the province. "Clearly the tremendous effort that has been undertaken by teachers, schools and the school board, has yielded very positive results," states a very pleased Joseph Lalla, the EMSB’s director of Pedagogical Services.

In particular, Mr. Lalla points to a 16.4 percent improvement in the results on Mathematics 436, from a success rate of 54.9 percent in June 2001 to a 71.3 percent success rate in June 2002. In History of Quebec and Canada, a course, which has often resulted in poor results, the success rate was 66.5 percent, higher than the region and the province, and a 15.2 percent improvement over results two years ago.

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