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MONTREAL, MARCH 18, 2014 - Both the Junior and Senior Campuses of LaurenHill Academy in St. Laurent  recently welcomed Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli who delivered an inspirational performance in words and dance

Mr. Patuelli was born with Arthrogryposis, a rare disorder that limits joint movement and poor muscles growth. This condition affected him below the waist making walking and even standing extremely hard. However, he never let his condition get the best of him. Throughout his life, Mr. Patuelli decided that he could do the same activities’ as his friends, but in his own way. He swam, dove, skied, skateboarded and much more. In 1999 he discovered “B-boying” a.k.a Breakdancing. Like the other activities he had participated in, he decided to do it his own way and incorporated both his extreme upper body strength and crutches into the mix. Right there is where his inspirational journey took off.

“If there is something that you truly want and really believe in, find a way to do it your own way,” says Mr. Patuelli. “Eventually you will find your own way as long as you stay positive and do not give up. My whole life has been trying to do stuff and participate with everyone else, but doing it my own way.”

Luca was has been the guest recently on the Ellen Degeneres Show, NBC Today Show, So You Think You Can Dance Canada and Tout Le Monde en Parle on Radio Canada. In 2007 he created an international dance group called “ILL-Abilities,”, that consists of the word’s best-disabled dancers. Their goal is to show the world that as long as you are positive, creative and willing to adapt yourself to any situation, anything is possible. Hence, Mr. Patuelli’s main message, “No Excuses, No Limits.”

“I believe this message can help us all overcome our challenges,” explained Mr. Patuelli. “Often we make things a lot harder then they really are. To me this message means that we all have the power to accomplish anything we want as long as we don’t create any excuses along the way. The minute we create an excuse is the minute we create a limitation, a barrier. But if we give things a try, try our best and do them our own way there really are no limits to whatever it is we want to do.”

LaurenhHill Academy Principal Claude Dansereau couldn’t be happier with Mr. Patuelli’s message to his students.

“The reason why we invited Luca to the school is because he is a young man who is sharing a very strong message with the world,” stated Mr. Dansereau. “It is that regardless of any difficulty or struggle that you encounter, you can continue with life and persevere. You can always reach your goals. It might not be done like everyone else, it might need some creativity but it can be done. We feel that his message is not only valid for our students while High School, but a message that they will take away with them for life.”

Last year, Mr. Patuelli was able to walk one km without his crutches. This year, on July 26 (date subject to change) he will attempt to walk two to three km around the Old Montreal boardwalk. Aside from inspiring others with his message, Mr. Patuelli, his wife Melissa Emblin and their business partner Marie-Élaine Patenaude opened up a dance studio called Project RAD, where they teach disabled students how to dance. For more information on Luca “Lazylegz Patuelli” please visit


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