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MONTREAL, JUNE 3, 2014 –  The English Montreal School Board is encouraging the new Liberal government to inject some oxygen into the public school system in its upcoming budget.

“School boards have been cut to the bone in recent years,” said EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini. “We are constantly being told not to let cuts affect activities in the classroom. But that is impossible. If  the government were to impose further compressions in the new budget, it will begin to seriously affect our programs. We need the government to make a serious investment into the future – which is our students.”

Ms. Mancini said that it is regrettable that so much time was taken up in the mandate of the former PQ government on divisive issues such as language laws, plans to replace the  curriculum that promoted citizenship and diversity with one that emphasized  ‘Quebec’s singular experience’ and the proposed Charter of Values. “Let’s get back to the core issues,” she said. “I hope we can focus on the issues that unite us, not divide us.”


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