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MONTREAL,  DECEMBER  16, 2014 – English Montreal School Board Commissioner for St. Léonard Patricia  R. Lattanzio has been elected chairman of the  Comité de gestion de la taxe scolaire de l’île de Montréal (CGTSIM), the first  anglophone representative to hold this position.

The CGTSIM is composed of representatives from the five Montreal island public school boards:  the EMSB, the Lester B. PEARSON School Board, the Commission scolaire de Montréal, the Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys and the Commission scolaire de la Pointe-de-l’Île. This body has the important role of   imposing and collecting the school tax in the territory, distributing income earned from investments for educational catch-up measures in underprivileged areas, taking out loans and meeting the cash flow needs of the member boards, reducing operating costs by offering pooled services in areas such as legal, risk management and cooperative purchasing and producing and publishing research reports and statistical documents on subjects of interest.  

Ms  Lattanzio was recently re-elected to the EMSB Council following an initial seven year term. The mother of three, the youngest of whom attends an EMSB high school, she herself graduated from Honoré Mercier Elementary School and Laurier Macdonald High School. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from McGill University, a Certificate of Law from the Université de Montréal as well as a Bachelor of Civil Law from the Université de Québec à Montréal.  Ms Lattanzio is a practicing attorney and a member of the Quebec Bar since 1990, as well as an accredited Mediator for the Quebec Court, Small Claims division.   

“In light of the provincial government’s budgetary cuts, austerity measures and the restructuring of school boards, the Comité will undo ubtedly play a pivotal role and serve as a model,” said Ms. Lattanzio. "Many people know of the Comité's role as a tax collector, but in fact, it is a central manager of the taxes collected and does a lot more.  The EMSB has a stellar reputation when it comes to its student success rate and exercising its fiscal and ethical responsibilities. This is indeed a great opportunity for both the EMSB and the Comité.”
EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini was delighted with the appointment. “I see this as a significant compliment and a vote of confidence to our board that they chose an EMSB commissioner as their first anglo chair,” she said. “During her first term in office Ms. Lattanzio showed her knowledge and versatility as a commissioner, sitting on many committees and representing the EMSB at important hearings for the Charter of the Quebec Language and the Charter of Values.”


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