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MONTREAL, MARCH 10, 2015 – The English Montreal School Board has received $11.5 million from the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sports (MELS), which will be used for necessary repair and electrical work, renovations and plumbing in 33 buildings.

EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini and Vice-Chairman Sylvia Lo Bianco will attend a press conference on March 10 at Noon at the Galileo Adult Education Centre (10921 Gariepy) in Montreal North with Quebec Member of the National Assembly for Bourassa-Sauvé Rita de Santis, at which time the grants for the sector will be highlighted.

The Galileo Adult Education Centre will receive $1,592,885 for the replacement of windows and repairs of washrooms.

Located at 10921 Gariepy, the Galileo Adult Education Centre is the home to more than 1,700 students in basic academics, literacy and the Social Integration Services (SIS) Program for special needs. The building also houses the Curtis George Campus of Rosemount Technology Centre and 350 additional students. The facility was originally the home of Sir Wilfred Laurier Junior High School, which merged with Lester B. Pearson High School in 2002.

“While the future of school boards continue to be openly questioned by our critics, I am pleased to report that we continue to fulfil the most important part of our raison d’être which is graduating students,” said Ms. Mancini. “I raise this issue because we believe with absolute certainty that the physical state of our buildings has a direct relationship with how well our students perform in class.” Added Ms. Lo Bianco, the commissioner for Montreal North: “We evaluate all of our buildings on a very regular basis to deem what needs replacement and upgrades. Some work is urgent; other work can be done according to a specific schedule. In the case of Galileo and the others on our list, we hope to begin the process as soon as possible. The renovations for this building are greatly needed and we are most appreciative that our provincial government agrees with us. We thank Ms. De Santis for continuing to be a good advocate for the schools in her riding.”

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