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MONTREAL, MARCH 30, 2015 – The English Montreal School Board’s Adult Education and Vocational Services (AEVS) Department will host some 1,800 Secondary IV (Grade 10) students for a two day career exploration program on April 9 and 10, at the St. Pius X Career Centre (9955 Papineau North) in Ahuntsic.

Here is a preview of the sessions, which will take place in classroom settings. Many of them will be facilitated by professionals from the EMSB

There are many excellent career opportunities in media. Students will hear from personalities from CTV, Global TV, City’s Breakfast TV and The Montreal Gazette. Attention will also be focused on trends in social media.  Breakfast TV will broadcast their Live Eye feature on April 9 from the event.

Accounting Studies
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Relaxation; Beauty; Art; The Aesthetics industry is very dynamic and constantly growing. Many more people put emphasis on the wellness of their skin, nails and entire body. Participate in this practical workshop that will focus on how healthy hands and nails can complement individual beauty.

The Biomedical Laboratory
The Biomedical Laboratory program is a three-year science-based program designed to give students essential theoretical knowledge in different medical areas and the practical skills to perform and interpret a variety of laboratory tests. As Healthcare professionals, medical technologists contribute to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease by providing laboratory services to other clients.

Assistance to Health Care Facilities
Ever wonder how to safely move a 200 pound person by yourself? This session will show students how!

Pharmacy and Technical Assistant
The dynamic pharmacy team will pound and crush pills, and in just a few quick steps, magically turn them into a beautiful cream for great looking skin!

Automated Systems Electromechanics
This is a promising field for problem solvers who have the capacity to grasp technical details. There is employment available in industries ranging from aircraft engine manufacturing to pharmaceuticals.  

Automobile Mechanics & Sales of Mechanical Parts and Accessories
Whether you love working on cars or wish to learn more about the professional world of automobile parts and accessories, this workshop is an excellent first step to discovering the basics of auto maintenance, repair and parts. Students will participate in a hands-on session to explore engines and the always growing industry of Automobile Mechanics.

Cabinetmaking & Furniture Finishing
Would you like to make a beautiful piece of furniture and finish it?  Students wil discover the art of woodwork. In this hands-on workshop, they will explore different woodworking skills that will lead them to a promising and creative career.

Digital Graphics Technology Class Overview
Printing technology professions need an understanding of printing press operation, graphics creation and design. Coursework in the Digital Graphics Technology program incorporates practical hands-on practice and classroom lectures. Students learn to set up and operate offset and digital printing presses and process print jobs. They also learn to create and print digital graphics, with programs like Adobe Creative suite CS5. Students learn about specialty printing as well, including flexography and screen printing.

Transform long and straight hair into a world of curls. Students will explore the world of thermal styling and be shown how to use cloth, color and foil paper to create curls and twirls of beautiful bountiful hair

Industrial Drafting
This program enables students to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to produce drawings quickly and accurately, using a computerized workstation. All topics relate to industry and include things such as detail and assembly drawing, development of mechanisms, machine frames along with electrical and electronic and sheet metal drawing. Students will use the current versions of AutoCAD, Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor.

Machining Techniques
Ever ask how they make those fabled cars of Enzo Ferrari? Do the names Boeing Aircraft, Bombardier Aerospace and Bell Helicopter suggest excitement? Would students be interested in working for a company that builds satellites and sends them into space.  In only one and a half years students will learn how to cut metals and use many different machines,  including state of the art computerized models.  

Lab Technology/ Analytical Laboratory
Laboratory Technology - Analytical Chemistry Program is a three-year applied science program given in English only at Dawson College with a possibility for a work-study program. The technologists specializing in analytical chemistry will be able to perform chemical analyses and participate in the development of new analytical methods in the areas of quality control, research and development and production. Some fields where Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Technologists work are pharmaceutical, environmental, and petroleum chemistry. This workshop  will explore certain analysis techniques and apply some of them in a forensic investigation.

Physical Rehabilitation
In this workshop, students will learn about the profession of a physical rehabilitation therapist. A small hands-on activity on walking assistance will also be presented.

Professional Cooking/Pastry Making and Food and Beverage Services
Interested in a fast-paced, hands-on and creative career in Culinary Arts? Students will visit the state of-the art kitchens at St. Pius X Career Centre and take part in demonstrations for their Professional Cooking, Food and Beverage and Contemporary Professional Pastry Making programs.  

Interior Decorating and Design
Students who are creative and love to work with colour will like this workshop, using their own creativity to create an abstract design using shapes of various colours and sizes.  

Starting a Business
Have you ever dreamed about being your own boss? Do you have a great idea for a product or service that you think people need? Students who ever considered creating their own enterprise, will learn from this workshop what it means be an entrepreneur!!

Travel Sales, Hotel Reception and Professional Sales
At the heart of any industry is the art of sales, marketing and customer satisfaction. The St. Pius X Career Centre offers training that can take you across the world in an array of fascinating careers. Students will be invited to visit their I World interactive Hotel Reception facility and  modern classrooms and labs to see what the world has to offer you.

Welding & Fitting
Ever thought about building a race car or custom motorcycle? Want to have a sense of accomplishment every day? Then a career in welding is for you. Over the span of the course, students learn how to weld steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Welding is an exciting hands-on career that can open many doors. Companies are always looking for trained welders.  

This program prepares students to practice the trade in residential and commercial construction and civil engineering and road works. They are required to develop skills in communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills. They must adjust, control, handle and operate machinery and materials with precision.

Stationary Engine Mechanics
Learn an existing trade and discover the world of HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning). The only English program of its kind in Quebec, Stationary Engine Mechanics will give students the tools necessary to work with stationary engines. What is a stationary engine? It is a machine so big that it cannot be moved to be fixed, it has to be services or repaired on-site. Vastly used in the Gas and Oil industry, these machines are also found in big production sites and building complexes. With an employment rate hovering around 80 percent,  students will learn how to install, service or repair these mega machines.  Upon successful completion of this DVS they will receive a 4B license that will provide them with the tools to ensure the proper operation of heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning of a building; for monitoring, maintenance and repair of equipment for heating, refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning; for the effective supervision of a thermal power plant.

Security Guard Course
When you are a security guard can you arrest an individual? What are the rights and responsibilities of a security guard? The three week training to become a Security Guard will answer those questions!  This program, a mandatory requirement for first-time license applicants, has been designed for anyone wishing to work in private security in Quebec. The required training consists of three courses. The first deals with the occupation of security guards and the legal context of the occupation; the second deals with the role of security guards in emergency situations; and the third deals with first-aid techniques.

Landscape Operations and the Horticulture and Garden Centre Operations
The workshop will look at how a landscape is created from the ground up. Students will participate in constructing a wood structure and a stone pathway to demonstrate landscape work. The horticulture program will discuss soils, plants and their care, students will have the opportunity to dig in and do a plant re potting exercise

A Career in Firefighting
Firefighting is not simply a job but a career adventure. It is a very satisfying, exciting, dangerous and rewarding career that focuses on preventing and putting out fires, as well as protecting the public. Students will learn all about the necessary requirements from experienced professional firefighters of the City of Montreal that will be presenting the following workshop.

Computer Graphics Techniques (Desktop Publishing)
Students who visit this workshop will let their creative flair and imagination loose with photoshop, illustrator and web software. Learn some of the "how to tricks" while you are there.

Students will choose two sessions each and then visit the kiosk area to check out some of the other disciplines which interest them.

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