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MONTREAL, APRIL 20, 2015 – On Wednesday, April 22 students and spiritual and community animators (SCA) from the English Montreal School Board will be taking part in an event modelled around television’s Amazing Race, but aimed at visiting sacred spiritual sites and experiencing compassion in action in order to further develop their spiritual awareness.   

According to First Nations traditions, one goes on a Spirit Quest with the hope of experiencing an inner change, a healing, an openness to others and to the divine. There will be a number of links to Earth Day, including a tree planting and a celebration of First Nations’ traditions of caring for the earth and for one another, at the launching of the Spirit Quest.

The first ever EMSB-SCA Spirit Quest will  involve six schools -  Lester B. Pearson High School in Montreal North, Vincent Massey Collegiate in Rosemount, Rosemount High School,  John F. Kennedy High School in St. Michel,  and Marymount Academy International and Royal Vale High School in NDG.

Spirit Quest teams will commence their day-long journey at the EMSB Central Head Office at 6000 Fielding Avenue in NDG at 8 a.m. and conclude around 3:30 p.m. at Vincent Massey Collegiate. Students will be tasked with completing a photo challenge, gather information and be inspired to give back to their own community. Actions will include honouring Canadian Veterans and fallen soldiers at one of the locations, visiting sacred sites and learning about the history of Montreal. One of the goals of the SCA service is to facilitate and encourage students to put into action their best self, and express their own positive virtues and character traits. This is the “Virtues Program” delivered by the SCA service that is the foundation of the EMSB/SCA Spirit Quest, representing a journey to deeper self-understanding.

Each team will consist of a maximum of six students aged 12 to 16 and one SCA.  They will navigate a series of clues to get from one location to another by walking or using eco-friendly public transit, encountering route markers, road blocks and detours. The Spirit Quest allows students to visit civic, historic, spiritual and community organization sites while obtaining personal experience in developing positive virtues and character traits, strengthening the bonds of school-community relations as well as their intimate connection to the earth and their own spirit.

Spirit Quest is sponsored by Yeh! Frozen Yogurt and Café (, The Beat 92.5 FM, Rosemount Techology Centre, RDP Centre du Pavé et Jardin, the Canadian Forces, Knights of Columbus, DiLetta Laesina  D’Argenio, Eliot Perrin, Muffin Plus, City Councillor Craig Sauve, Francesco Marra and the Montreal Police Department.


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