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MONTREAL, MAY  8, 2015  - English Montreal School Board Chairman Angela Mancini says that she will personally give her approval for a Central Parents’ Committee survey to be distributed once an appropriate consultation process is completed with partner bodies representing teachers, in-school administrators and the special needs community.

“Whether the Council of Commissioners endorses the contents of this survey or not, I will not stop it from going out,” maintains Ms. Mancini. “If we are going to send something like this to every parent in our system, I want to make sure all of the appropriate parties have been consulted. That has not occurred to date.”

Ms. Mancini said that all of the necessary comments must be in by the May 27 Council of Commissioners meeting, after which time the survey can proceed using school board resources. “I can tell you that having reviewed the survey, there are a number of questions myself, some members of council and our administration have difficulty with,” she said. “If the CPC brought this to the Council table then they need to respect the fact that we follow a thorough process of consultation at this board. This is no different. We are hardly standing in the way of anything.”

While Ms. Mancini acknowledges discussion about this survey began several months ago, it was not until the April 22 Council of Commissioners meeting that the CPC presented a formal resolution calling for an endorsement and administrative support. “When anybody is requesting such support, which includes financial resources, they should not expect a rubber stamp,” she said.

Ms. Mancini concluded by saying that it is regrettable this matter turned into such a public issue. “I think we can all agree at this point that there was a problem related to process,” she said. “The CPC and all members of Council and administration share one common goal. We are here for the betterment of our students. I hope we can soon turn the page on this issue and focus on what is truly important, the education of all our students.”

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